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Alas there is no therapy which can raise the disorder (the primary defect). The problems mostly can be tempered with adapted control. Hereby constant attention of the environment will be necessary. You will always have to think forward about events and alert for unrestrained reactions. With McDD'ers, the regulationmechanism that has to take care for balance in emotions and thoughts has to be brought on from outside. Expert support is certainly necessary and parents of children with McDD have to learn themselves a way of educating where explanation and restriction becomes a second nature. They can get help from a family-aide.
The most important thing is to promote the cognitive skills and learning how to apply them. It is important that the fases wherein this has to happen, are carefully chosen.
  • a safe climate
  • preventing of acitivities which obstruct or damage developmental progress
  • anxiety reduction
The last item is important because it can decrease rigidity and stereotyp behaviour. People with PDD-NOS and McDD often are strict on their habits and patterns. It has the opposite result if this rigidity is going to be seen and approached as stubborness.
The anxiety behind all this, is going to be increased when acting strong against it.

In the treatment it will handle the extending of (social, cognitive) skills, which can make the flexibility, necessary to function in certain situations, to increase a little bit.

Additional problems can be:
  • eating problems
  • sleep problems
  • behaviour problems
  • emotional problems
  • ...
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