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 Multiple-complex Developmental Disorder
McDD is a related disorder of autism and stands for Multiple-complex Developmental Disorder.
It is a subgroup of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified). Because McDD isn't mentioned yet in the DSM-IV-TR, often it is still diagnosed as PDD-NOS.

Alas there is very little to find about McDD, also because not much is known about it at this time. This site is developed from out of the need for information and the need for contact with other McDD'ers.

This portal contains information about McDD, subdivided in different headings, as well as a java-webchat, a list with diagnosis centers and links to other informative sites.

 News & updates
links - link added: autismeinfocentrum.nl - Autisme Info Centrum Nederland (dutch)
links - link added: autisme.opzijnbest.nl - website with links (dutch)
links - link added: voorlichtingsfilm.nl - educational movie about autism amongst others
links - link added: Jij begrijpt me hè mam! - book about pdd-nos in dutch.
links - link removed: groups.msn for care workers (ended)
Soon there will also be a forum available. An exact date isn't known yet. Keep checking...
links - link added: groups.msn for care workers
chat rules (3.8) the idling-time got shortened.
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