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 Rules for #mcdd on StarLink-IRC ~ v1.2 ~ February 28, 2006
This file was created to clarify some rules within the channel.
Created by: moondust
Updated: 20/03/2006

  For any clarification or questions about subjects not explained within the rules, consult one of the operators. It is never our intention to make the channel a real "property" of someone. However, we feel we must point out that the IRC is not a democratic environment. Channelowner's decisions are final. If an operator misbehaves, please report to the channelowner. We can always see what can be done about the situation.

0. Definition of terms
1. General conditions
2. Channel hierarchy
3. Channel rules
4. Operator rules
5. Topics to be avoid

 0. Definition of terms
0.1  Channel: #mcdd
0.2  Rules: the rules, channel policy, meaning this document.
0.3  Channelowner: person that determines the channel's policy.
0.4  Operators: persons that enforce the channel policy (also channelowner).

 1. General conditions
1.1  Joining the channel means acceptance of these rules and agreeing to abide them at all times.

1.2  Your stay in the channel will be entirely at your own risk. No person in the channel with @p status (channelowner, operators) can be held responsible for any damages, physically or mentally, inflicted on you or any of your properties.

1.3  The rules of the channel may change in the future to best fit the channel's continued existence.

1.4  These changes will be announced in the channel topic.

 2. Channel hierarchy
2.1  The founder of the channel is moondust.

2.2  Operators: moondust(NL), Blue(EN), Viminalis(EN), (EN)bigdaddy, Bosch(NL) (they make decisions about operator status, bans and such).

 3. Channel rules
3.1  All other chatters must be respected at all times. If you feel you are not treated with the proper respect report this to an operator. If the person is an operator, report this to the channelowner. They will take appropriate action if necessary. Remember, the main idea of the channel is to be nice and tolerant towards eachother.

3.2  Within the channel it is prohibited to talk about topics that are upsetting for some of the chatters (those topics are listed below on 5. Topics to be avoid) Also prohibited: insulting, swearing, cursing, discriminating

3.3  No person may be refused access to #mcdd, unless he/she has proven in the past to not be able to follow the rules. Facts from other channels do not count. Only after someone breaks a rule within this channel, he/she can be refused access to #mcdd.

3.4  No shouting (a full sentence in 100% CAPS), advertisements, spamming or flooding in the channel.

3.5  Don't be lame on purpose. "Lame" describes many forms of conduct. It is important to keep in mind that all behaviour that is irritating or annoying is not allowed, e.g. excessive colors, excessive pop-ups, Op-whining, nickname-spamming,...

3.6  Don't beg for ops.

3.7  No insulting or offending nicknames. Offending names will be banned. Repeated violations from the same host will lead to your hostmask being banned.

3.8  Idling is allowed for 4 hours. Anyone that has an idle-time higher than 4 hours can be removed from the channel. They are still welcome though when they want to return.

3.9  When you join #mcdd, you present yourself with a little description, you tell where you live, what your age is, whether you are m/f and which diagnose you've got. Also some information about your intention for joining this channel should be given.

3.10  This is a family-orientated room. Therefore, no sexually explicit topics will be tolerated. Keep it clean!

 4. Operator rules
4.1  All operators (and channelowner for that matter) are bound by the same rules as normal users. The only exception is that they have to take care that these rules are lived by.

4.2  The operator status is not for your own pleasure, it is because the channelowner trusts you to keep the channel tidy. Funkicks, no-reason bans, or otherwise abuse of your @ps are not allowed. Such behaviour will result in the removing of the @p status.

4.3  Fights between Operators will not be tolerated. If there is an argument between ops, they should take it to the channelowner.

4.4  Operator status will be granted to trusted persons, or persons important to the channel by the channelowner. Asking for it will not help.

4.5  Operators are advised to stay op-less until their @ is needed. That is, don't ask Cstar or stardust for ops until a situation arises which requires an operator.

4.6  Operator status in the past will not mean that you get your operator status back when you have (temporarily) left the channel.

 5. Topics to be avoid
Because of the typical phobias that people diagnosed with McDD can have towards unusual subjects/objects, it is provided that those will not be mentioned in the channel to avoid upsetting these people. If you are having a problem with a certain subject to be discussed, because it causes you to rage, you are asked to contact one of the operators in private (/query nickname) to mention it. They will ask a few questions about it and will make a note in the list of topics to be avoid. It is not forbidden to talk about those topics in private with other persons. If you want more information about those topics, you can ask one of the operators in private.

5.1  moondust ~ media: tv-shows, news-topics, tv-watching, music-video-clips, advertisements, movies (not all but a lot)

© 2006 #McDD - realisation: E. Appermont